Bericht zum Absturz einer F-16 im Oktober 2019 nahe Trier

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    Interessante Zeilen aus dem Bericht:

    Wichtig vorweg, "The pilot survived"!

    - F-16 was destroyed at a loss of $25.5 million

    - The flight was originally expected to include four F-16s, but one was unable to join because it experienced its own navigation instrument malfunction before takeoff.

    - The weather was rough around Spangdahlem, with a ceiling at just 500 feet and heavy clouds causing instrumental meteorological conditions up to 15,000 feet

    - a power disruption causing a partial power loss, regularly called a “brown-out,” which took out most of the instruments

    - The report states the pilot’s heads-up display went blank, the aircraft’s malfunction display set turned off, the electronic horizontal situation indicator went blank, the embedded GPS and inertial navigation set to lose power, the primary attitude director indicator froze, and the pilot-activated recovery system was unavailable.

    - the F-16 descended to just 280 feet above field elevation and the pilot could begin to see trees

    - he lost spatial orientation

    - He radioed, “two’s ejecting,” and punched out about 1 minute and 31 seconds after takeoff, egressing safely.

    .... The investigation found pilot error was not a factor in the crash, citing electric issues and weather instead....



    Geboren zu fliegen, aber gezwungen zur Arbeit!