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    Hi there my good friends.
    Well yesterday I had a very nice conversation with friend Christian "Caesar" and in some other he told me that you are interested a lot about Amendola airbase in order to move to Balkans theater.
    At the moment no nav. charts created by me for that airbase, only the diagram for the near Gioia del Colle.
    So due to the fact that I always care about you and with respect to your love about my stuff, here you are.
    Take a great early taste of Amendola airbase diagram. It isn't finished, but it is in a good state for good ground operations.

    Link for the pdf chart here:…eqoq/Amendola_diagram.rar
    File is password protected, so ask my friend "Dro16" in order to have it.

    Guys, this chart for now is dedicated to 1st Glory Wings, so please I don't want to see it out side of this virtual squadron.
    I have already a hell lot of asks, so if this goes out side then you can imagine the after... :D

    Enjoy it and I will be close to you like always.

    Your friend Nikos.

    Hello there my friend.
    Well about your correct remark, this is due to the fact that Gioia del Colle airbase is a hand made airbase so its structure is much more complex from the default ones.
    That's why it represented with so many lines. A lot of extra things added there :winki:
    But that should not bother you too much.
    Actually mainly you need the vectors for the incoming/outgoing aircrafts, to see their live position in relation to the airbase, of course the position of the TACAN station, holding pattern, ILS Localizer path, IAF Fix, FAF Fix e.t.c.
    For ground operations I agree it will be a little tricky, but my dear friend like always in the life WE must compromise with what we can have, right?
    I mean since WE all love and ask for more realism and perfection, then we must accept some beautiful steps ahead like they are, means with some minor issues.
    Thank you for your good spot.
    See you and take care.

    Die Darstellung der Flughäfen im F4Awacs lassen leider zu wünschen übrig, außer bei Brindisi kann man im Liniengewirr kaum die Flughafenstrukturen erkennen.

    Gruß, Ziri

    Hi there Ziri.
    Well about the Gioia del Colle airbase in Balkans, please don't think that the position of its TACAN station is like in your attached photo.
    It is a little northen of the airbase, exactly at these coordinates:
    N40 28.393' E18 09.613'

    The same counts also for the rest 4 hand made airbases like: Aviano, Rivolto, Amendola and Sigonella. Means their TACAN station is NOT the default one position that you will have by the program F4Awacs.
    In my upcoming NEW NavAids and their list for Balkans you will have the precise coordinates of them.
    I hope to help a little :)

    Markus, i have exactly the same issue.
    I use Internet Explorer v11.0.30 (latest version of this April) in windows 7 Ultimate x64 with SP1 as also the latest Flash player

    Hi Nikos,

    I'm a little bit late, but I wish you all the best for your birthday und the new year in your life. Hope you'll stay a member of the falcon community for a long time.


    Hey, Thank you very much my friend!
    No, you are not late. You just now read the specific thread and reply your kindly wishes. This is that counts and this is what i feel.
    So for me, your wishes are on time... :)
    I will try my best to continue offer to Falcon community.
    And you and your dear friends of this great virtual squadron please continue to use and love this great simulator.
    Also i hope to love my stuff... :D (Of course that means with no press :D )
    Take care mate.
    Your friend Nikos.

    Guys, we have our avatar been seemed twice in the same post in forum.
    Can some moderator/administrator correct this?
    I'm using Internet Explorer v11.0.30 in windows 7 Ultimate x64 with SP1.

    My dear friends Cupra, Reaper and Hunter,
    Thank you very much for thinking of me and your kind wishes!
    Very warm "position" here in this forum for me due to your great behavior. Thanks.
    See you soon in the near future with more works, I hope.
    By the way, do you like Aviano airbase in new Balkans by "nove" as I do?
    Good nav. stuff in the way for it... :D
    Take care Gentlemen.
    Your friend Nikos.

    My dear friends,
    THANK YOU very much for your kindly wishes and words!

    It is an honor for me to see my german friends of this great virtual squadron to feel me like a real friend. Thank you honestly for that.

    At "Dro16" and "Sneakpeek":
    Gentlemen, it is so great to read your great wishes in my native language, greek. My real respect for that, it is a pure honor!

    Especially Dro my dear friend:
    It is so amazing your gift-photo!!!
    Great wishes in full correct spelling, correct position of Patra city (my city), super real the emblem of my town municipality, and last just AWESOME the background photo of my loved "baby", my Aegean theater.
    My deeply and real thank you and respect! :sekt:

    Take care friends and see you in the future.
    Your greek friend Nikos.

    Hello there my friend Peter.
    Nice that you like this new work by me :winki:.
    Be sure to get the new version 1.1 at the same thread. It has the limits of the coordinates of each one theater.
    Always i'm trying my best to help and offer to Falcon community.
    Enjoy it and if you find/think that find any issue, please feel free to contact me.
    Take care mate.