Aegean update v1.61 !

  • Hi there mates.
    Well some time ago friend Markus "Reaper" has requested to me some extra NavAids.
    Christmas are very near, so it is time for gifts.
    This is my gift to all of you members of this nice Falcon virtual squadron. An update (v1.61) to Aegean theater v1.6 that includes 2 new extra NavAids:
    - Beykoz VOR/DME (BKZ) NE of Uskudak city, and
    - Izmir VOR/DME (IMR) SW of Izmir city.

    First get the update installer from here (file "Aegean_theater_update_v1.61.exe", size 5.99 MB):!dgAxWbaa!pwk…Or0ytKoY2ExzCwR93gxiAPfYE

    Then run the exe file and follow the easy and clear installation instructions. Then verify that you have successfully apply it from the theaters menu, just check its version number:

    Pay attention to these remarks:
    1) This update should be installed OVER the already installed Aegean v1.6 theater.
    2) This update is critical for online MP flights! Be sure that EVERY pilot has apply it before flights!
    3) This update does NOT affect any missions created via Aegean v1.6, and it is fully conformal with them!
    4) With this update you have a new NavAids list pdf file as also both the optional "te_new.tac" files.

    Be advised: This update is dedicated to "1st Glory Wings". So please use it ONLY inside this squadron without sharing it outside! Thank you for respect this.

    I really hope to like this small update.
    Merry Christmas to all of you and a happy new year.


  • Dear Nikos,

    thank you for that nice christmas present! We very much appreciate your work. It helps us to have even more fun and realism flying in the aegean theater!



    Liebe Freunde,

    bitte das Update noch nicht installieren. Nikos schreibt, die Änderungen sind multiplayer-kritisch. Das heißt, wir müssen alle gemeinsam umsteigen, sonst funktioniert es nicht.

    Freigabe erfolgt nach kurzer Testphase!

    Herzliche Grüße


    Low lie the Fields of Athenry
    Where once we watched the small free birds fly
    Our love was on the wing, we had dreams and songs to sing
    It's so lonely 'round the Fields of Athenry

    -Eine Smith&Wesson übertrumpft vier Asse-

  • At "Hunter" and "Caesar":

    Thank you guys for your kindly words.
    I hope to like this small but interesting update :).
    If you need any help with this or find any issue, let me know. My pleasure to help you.
    Also in general if you ever need any extra infos or clarifications about my stuff, feel free to contact me.
    Always land the "bird" safe.