TGP issue?

  • Servus!

    Kennen wir ein ähnliches Problem?




    "I am not sure this has been addressed before, if it has then disregard.

    TGP becomes unusable for any element within a flight when lead aircraft is destroyed. Experienced this in MP and never tried to reproduce it in SP.

    The test was done in a KTO unmodified campaign and other add ons

    To reproduce:

    Session MP

    2 or more aircraft in the flight

    Lead aircraft destroyed (either shot down or crashed)

    Remaining aircraft(s) TGP locks in a position looking at the aircraft fuselage and can't be slewed anymore

    TGP resets have no effect"


    I too have had this issue and also with you and others...

    I have noticed it seems to only happen when I am flying with only one other human player (2 player coop). One of you gets shot down (doesn't have to be lead) and the other persons TGP becomes unusable and points inside the airframe. This happened in 4.34 and 4.35.

    Anyone else experiencing such issues?

    Geboren zu fliegen, aber gezwungen zur Arbeit!

  • Servus

    Mehrere Testflüge heute Nacht in BMS 4.35, haben keine Probleme dieser Art gezeigt.

    Ich Denke könnte an einem Problem mit dem RTT Tool liegen. Da der "Ausfall" des Tools

    auch bekannt ist in verschiedenen Pc Konfigurationen. "Grafikkarte" z.b.

    Da das Update noch aussteht, kann man diesbezüglich auch keine allgemeine Aussage


    Stand by...;)

    Gruß Hunter8)